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Guangdong Z&T Law Firm
Z&T Law Firm is one of the first partnership law offices established in Guangdong.
Founded in March 1995, Guangdong Z&T Law Firm (“Z&T”) is one of the first partnership law offices launched with the approval of the Department of Justice of Guangdong Province under the authorization of the Ministry of Justice. Z&T currently operates from the 57th floor of Global Metropolitan Plaza at 68 Huacheng Avenue, Pearl River New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, which is a class-A building in the central business district of the city. The 1200m2 office space features an elegant interior, beautiful views, and convenient transportation.

Z&T is the only Guangzhou-based law firm that has been recognized with the Ministry of Justice’s “Ministerial-Level Civilized Law Firm”, “Guangdong Province Civilized Law Firm” and “Guangzhou Civilized Law Firm” honorary titles. In Legal 500 Asia Pacific, an authoritative journal of the international legal community, Z&T is rated as a “leading law firm in South China and a leader of law firms for the capital market”. Since its establishment, none of its lawyers have ever received any administrative or industry punishment due to violation of any law and/or regulation. Hence its excellent prestige within the industry.
The clients of Z&T include government agencies, public institutions, enterprises, and citizens.  In recent years, Z&T signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CW CPA, becoming the first law office in Guangzhou to officially enter into such an agreement with an accounting firm in Hong Kong. It now has 12 professional committees for civil and commercial litigation and arbitration; criminal defense; corporate counsel; securities, investment, and financing; intellectual property rights; construction projects; marriage and family affairs; environmental resources; nonperforming assets; labor laws; real estate; and administrative laws, respectively, which enables us to provide clients with quality and efficient integrated legal services.

The elites of Z&T include 2 presidents of the Guangzhou Bar Association, the directors and standing directors of the bar associations of multiple cities and provinces, chairpersons and members of professional committees, an “Award for Contributions Marking the 40th Anniversary Since the Reform and Opening Period” winning lawyer, 8 lawyers who won the “Award for Contributions in 30 Years of Practice”, a “Nomination Award for 10 Best Lawyers in the Country” winning lawyer, a “10 Best Lawyers of Guangdong Province” winning lawyer, and a lawyer who won the title of “10 Best Lawyers of Guangzhou”.

In the 26 years of time that has elapsed, the people at Z&T have set a number of records and won a number of first place honors within the industry by their practical spirit characterized by modesty and a devotion to learning. They have received praises and awards repeatedly from the governments at all levels and lawyer’s associations in recognition of their contributions to China’s legal system.
Guangdong Z&T Law Firm
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Main Honors
Since its establishment, Z&T has time and again been rated as an outstanding law office by the provincial Department of Justice and the city-level Bureau of Justice. In 2000, Z&T was selected into the first batch of “Ministerial-Level Civilized Law Firms” by the Ministry of Justice. Furthermore, other titles Z&T has received include the “Guangdong Province Civilized Law Firm”, “Guangzhou Civilized Law Firm”, “Guangzhou Standardized Law Firm”,

“Exceptional Provincial Party Organization in the Legal Industry”, “Top Satisfactory Law Firm”, “Guangzhou Lawyers Making Outstanding Contributions in State-Owned Enterprise Reforms”, “Guangzhou Legal Industry Exceptional Collective in Efforts for the Asian Games” and “NEEQ Best Service Provider”.

As early as 1999, Z&T was recognized as “a leading law firm in South China and a leader of law firms for the capital market” by Legal 500 Asia Pacific, an authoritative journal of the international legal community.
Business Qualifications
Business Qualifications
Immediately after it was established, Z&T received the qualification certificate issued jointly by CSRC and the Ministry of Justice allowing law firms to engage in business. Several of its lawyers became qualified in the first year that the qualification certificate was issued in China.

As a member of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, Z&T is one of the first law firms to be recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to engage in the trademark agency business. Z&T is also designated by the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court as a qualified receiver and a member of the Guangzhou Association of Receivers. Z&T is included in the database of professional legal service institutions of SASAC of Guangdong Province.
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